Service Introduction
Author: InfoCrops   Time: 2013-4-2 09:32:50

InfoCrops has been committed to the optoelectronic technology research. We aim at providing customers with a full range of optical technology information and professional technical support; our services mainly include:
Optical software distribution: VirtualLab™, etc.
LEDBASE, Natural-light Illumination System (Hardware)
Professional Talent Training
Optoelectronic Talent Training
LED Illumination products optical design talent training:
a. Illumination products basic class
b. Illumination products primary and advanced class
c. Illumination engineering class

Software Training:
(Basic, Primary, Advanced, Senior, Expert, Consultant grade)
1. VirtualLab™ ----micro optics and diffraction optical design course
2. Essential Macleod optical thin film analysis and design course
3. GLAD laser analysis and design course
4. OCAD optical design course

Special Topic Training:
I、Basic, Primary, Advanced, Senior, Expert and Consultant grade
1. Optical design----lens optical design course
2. GLAD nonlinear optical process simulation
3. Macleod software and optical film design technology
4. Stray light analysis course
5. Optical design----zoom system design course
6. Solar collector simulation design
7. Macleod and optical film deposition process
8. Biomedical applications
9. Projection system design
II、International cooperation courses
1. VirtualLab™ basic modeling and optical design
2. VirtualLab™ diffraction component modeling and design
3. VirtualLab™ laser beam shaping design
4. Laser and LED illumination design
5. Optical coating and Essential Macleod
6. GLAD short-term training course
7. Stray light analysis course

Project research and development:
Project simulation design, project development:
a、 Lighting simulation design project
b、 LED-chimney design project
c、 Light guide panel design project
d、 Automated precision interferometer measuring system test
e、 GLAD atmospheric system design project

Technology Consulting:
Online technical support, Instant response system

Books Sale:
Include: Optoelectronic Professional Books & Software Manuals Translation
1. Optical Design Software FRED Crash (Simplified)
2. Non-imaging Optical System Simulation Design (Traditional),
3. Essential Macleod Chinese Manual (Simplified),
4. Optical Communication System Simulation Design (Traditional)
5. Optical System Simulation Design (Traditional)
6. ZMAX Learning Tips (Simplified)
7. ZEMAX Chinese Manual (Traditional)
8. TracePro Learning Tips (Simplified)
9. OSLO Rapid Learning Manual (Traditional)
10. Optical Design Software----FRED Operation Manual
11. Field Tracing Optical Design and Analysis Software---- VirtualLab™ Quick Start (2011 Simplified)
12. GLAD Example Indexing Handbook (2011 Simplified)