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Automatic design program of OCAD optical system
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OCAD optical automatic design program is a Chinese optical automatic design program with distinctive engineering characteristics under Windows environment. Users can choose three language forms of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English from the program menu to operate the domestic optical design CAD program with strong practicability. The operation is fast and convenient by using the drop-down menu or toolbar of interfaces at all levels of the program.
Software features£º
It has strong adaptability to optical systems and can calculate all kinds of optical systems;
The initial structure can be designed automatically for a variety of typical optical systems. The initial structure can be solved by using the automatic design tool in the program without looking up the design manual or patent documents, so as to further optimize and obtain satisfactory design results;
It is compatible with other famous optical programs, and can be converted with data files of some famous optical programs at home and abroad (such as ZEMAX and codev);
It has strong automatic drawing function, especially it can fully implement various optical standards in China, directly draw optical engineering drawings that meet the standardization requirements of national standards and national military standards, and also draw optical drawings that meet international standards under the English interface.
There is a relatively complete database, such as glass material library, glass pair template library, typical and patent lens library, relevant national standard library related to optical design, and common metal material library of mirror frame for analyzing the thermal effect application of optical system, which can consult and call relevant data in time.
The animation function is used to display the schematic diagrams of optical systems such as various zoom systems and various optical scanning systems and various aberration curves, so as to visually observe the analysis effect of the optical system in the change process. In addition, the zoom system can be set for constant coking, and the system performance of a specified zoom position can be processed, analyzed and calculated.
Software functions£º
This program can calculate not only the commonly used optical systems with axisymmetric rotating surfaces, but also the asymmetric optical systems with eccentric and inclined optical surfaces; It can calculate not only various fixed focal length optical systems, but also various continuous zoom optical systems, optical scanning systems and deformable optical systems;
1. It can calculate all kinds of focused optical systems, defocused optical systems and collimation systems, and evaluate them directly by angular aberration
2. Ordinary wide-angle lens capable of calculating field angle less than 90 °, f- θ Lens, you can also calculate the ultra wide-angle fish glasses with a field angle greater than 90 °£»
Figure.1 Calculation of various telescopic or defocus optical systems 
3. It can calculate the optical system composed of a series of spherical or aspheric or plane refractive (reflective) optical surfaces, and can directly place various refractive prisms in the system for calculation, as shown in Fig.1;
4. It can calculate all kinds of continuous zoom and intermittent zoom optical systems;
Figure.3 Calculation of various continuous or intermittent zoom optical systems
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