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What is FRED?

Seeod£ºgeometric optics aided design software
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Seeod v1.0 is a geometric optics aided design software produced by the Institute of software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on the straight-line propagation of light, mathematical geometric principle and ray tracing, this product makes multi-angle analysis on the geometric aberration and fluctuation aberration of the optical system, focuses on breaking through the multivariable and multi-objective automatic optimization and tolerance analysis of the optical system, and provides simulation technical support for the design of geometric optical systems in various industries. This product adopts BS (browser server) architecture. The software is web version. Users can access and operate from the website without logging in to the browser directly without installing programs, and supports cross platform operation.

The product has the following functions:
With ray tracing function, it can trace the optical system with standard spherical surface and paraxial surface, and can give single ray tracing report and system parameter report;
It has aberration analysis function, including various geometric aberration curves, wave aberration and MTF wave aberration analysis, specifically including point column diagram, off focus column diagram, light trace diagram, light aberration diagram, optical path difference diagram, pupil aberration light fan diagram, field curve curve, distortion curve, Seidel coefficient, Seidel diagram, axial aberration curve, vertical axis chromatic aberration curve, surface height loss cross-section curve Wavefront diagram, FFT point spread function, Huygens point spread function, geometric MTF curve, fft-mtf curve, Huygens MTF curve, etc;
With ghost beam analysis function, it can analyze the first-order and second-order ghost points of the optical system, draw the specific positions of the first-order and second-order ghost points in the system structure, and give the specific light path generated by the ghost points;
It has the function of automatic optimization. According to the optical characteristics and aberration requirements of the optical system, it can automatically optimize the structural parameters of the lens group of the optical system by using the damped least square method;
With tolerance analysis function, carry out sensitivity, inverse sensitivity and Monte Carlo tolerance analysis on surfaces and components according to the tolerance requirements of optical system;
With automatic drawing function, it can automatically draw optical system parts according to national standards.
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